Make These Changes to Streamline Your Recruitment Process

Turnover costs can be devastating for a company, with companies losing 25 percent of all new employees within the year, according to 2018 infographic data from Urbanbound. In fact, the data found that 20 percent of staff turnover happens within the first 45 days of hiring new talent. This type of turnover is heavily detrimental to businesses and corporations everywhere. That’s why it’s imperative to streamline your recruitment process for your staffing agency this year.

If there’s a huge upheaval in the way your recruitment and onboarding is done, then you might be able to retain high talent candidates for a longer period of time. 2017 data from Glassdoor found that organizations that invest in a strong candidate experience improve their quality hires by 70 percent. If you want to change the way you’re recruiting people, now’s the time to get it done. Here’s how to improve the way your staffing agency is recruiting potential new hires, via Workable.

Create a Clear, Inviting Job Listing

Be specific with your job ad, so candidates will know exactly what they are applying for. This also weeds out people who just apply to apply, or people who clearly do not meet the position’s criteria. Be straightforward, clear and promote the company. Improve recruitment efficiency through the usage of checklists, email templates, sourcing tools and the investment of recruiting software.

Increase Your Candidate Sourcing

Those who are still employed still want to hear about job offers. That’s why it’s important to reach out. Utilize social media and networking events to boost candidacy. On top of that, construct a talent pipeline: groups of candidates who can fill future roles.

Assess Candidates Accurately

If you up the ante on your screening methods, you’ll be able to find quality candidates at a quicker rate. Being able to screen candidates properly comes in handy, giving you more time to think about staffing insurance. Some screening methods you can adopt include:

  • Reviewing work samples and assignments
  • Utilizing tests
  • Structuring your interviews
  • Varying up your interviews with unusual questions or problems to solve

Make the Candidate Experience Memorable

If the candidate experience is a positive one, that means that there’s a good, lasting impression of the company. This is great for the staffing agency brand, making for a healthy pipeline. If you want to make the candidate experience easier, try some of these tips:

  • Shorten the application process. The shorter the process, the better. Many candidates are applying for dozens of jobs online, meaning that a long application is going to take up more time. And the longer it takes, the less chance that it’s going to be finished. If it’s less than five minutes to finish, then you’re more likely to increase your pool of applicants.
  • Make sure your career page is up-to-date. Be informative, user-friendly and genuine. These key components will help candidates as they navigate your page for job applications.
  • Keep candidates in the know. Sending an email to update a candidate about their job position makes a world of a difference. Don’t go ghost in 2019; send out an email response.

As you continue to develop your staffing practices, make sure that you have updated your staffing insurance program to be completely up-to-date with your business operations.

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