Preventing Burnout Among Staffing Industry Professionals

Preventing Burnout Among Staffing Industry Professionals

Employee burnout is a common problem which can be costly for businesses, and contribute to high employee turnover rates, low retention, decreased productivity and more. While burnout can occur in any workplace, it is incredibly frequent among service providers and professionals, such as recruiters. The staffing industry can be fast paced and highly intense for recruiters, and even with traditional incentives like strong employee benefits programs available, these professionals often reach their breaking point far too soon. When they do they can lose productivity and drive which can lead to other losses from employers.

One of the most popular solutions to burnout has been time off for workers. Employers who offer paid time off to their workers often see better work performance in their employees. However, according to the Society for Human Resource Management many companies are cutting back on paid sick leave and time off. While legislators are trying are fighting to mandated paid time off standards, overall most firms today offer fewer personal days and family leave than several years ago, and flexibility benefits are also reportedly declining. This can often have to do with the prevalence of temporary workers and independent contractors entering the modern workforce. These workers rarely get benefits, especially time off with pay should they feel overworked, overwhelmed or simply need a break.

While time off is an important factor in managing employee burn out, it is not the only solution to help workers evade the seemingly inevitable burnout from preforming their daily duties. While there is no universal cure to burn out, many firms have turned to flexible scheduling, improving workplace culture, investing in employee health and wellness campaigns. Some employers have implemented policies involving job rotation and encouraging workers to switch roles and share responsibilities to keep employees engages and prevent fatigue and burnout. Staffing professionals can also take steps to to reduce their stress and avoid burnout as well.

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