SEO Tips for Recruiting Agencies

Successful recruiting strategies that involves SEO and rank highly in Google search results should be executed by creating engaging and informative content that provides value to their clients and candidates. Agencies should also effectively use recruitment SEO tips so that clients and candidates have the opportunity to discover their content on Google and read it. Keep in mind that the world of content marketing is an incredibly crowded space, and therefore, it’s challenging to stand out.

There are many components to effective SEO for recruitment agencies. There is both “on-page” SEO, which deals with the structure of the site and content on the pages, and “off-page” SEO for recruiters refers primarily to links that point to your client’s page, and both need to be considered. On-page SEO is critical, mostly because it helps rank higher in Google search results, which, in turn, drives traffic to the site.

Your clients can benefit from these SEO tips to strengthen on-page SEO and rank their content higher in Google.

Optimize your Title Tag

The title tag is the Google link that shows up in search results, so it’s a huge factor in determining if an article gets clicked. To stand out from other recruiters, agencies must keep the title tag the right length by keeping it under 60 characters. This will likely allow it to be displayed properly.

They should also make sure it has curiosity (with questions, conflict, or the unexpected), offers a benefit (by providing value and helping them in some way, such as teaching them how to do something) or has emotion (making them feel moved with emotionally-loaded words like “surprising” “astonishing”, as it becomes more interesting). Using at least two of these elements will make a significant impact on the title tag’s success.

Write the Perfect Meta Description

A meta description often shows up on Google’s search results page underneath the title tag. It helps Google understand what the page is about. For a strong meta description, you can follow the same tactics as you would for the title.

Keep in mind that Google generally does not take more than 160 characters in the description, so keep the meta descriptions between 150 and 160 characters to avoid getting cut off. This should be one or two sentences that tell the reader what the blog post is about and that also will drive their curiosity, offer a benefit, and elicit emotions.

Use Images Wisely

All too often in blog posts, there is a cheesy stock image at the top of the page followed by a wall of text. In this case, the image adds nothing to the post, and the wall of text can turn the reader away. Your clients can use images to their advantage by:

  • Using a site like Fiverr and creating a custom blog image for each post. This can be done at a meager cost and will add a level of professional appeal to the post so it can be taken seriously before the post is even read.
  • Adding diagrams where appropriate. A mock diagram can be drawn up, and then a freelance graphic designer can help turn it into something more professional.
  • Ensure that the image’s file names include important keywords for the article, and the alt text includes similar keywords.

Images also can have a significant SEO value for recruiters. When a link is clicked from a Google search, Google measures how long the reader spends on the site.

If Google assumes that if the site is a good search match, readers will likely spend more time on the site. Images tend to increase time on site as people will look at both the text and images and can have a huge positive impact on rankings.

Add LSI Keywords Liberally

Using LSI keywords is the most complex SEO that a recruiter needs. These are keywords that are semantically related to the keywords that your clients want to rank. They are words that are associated with the keywords and will help Google understand the meaning of a page.

For instance, if a post is regarding finding high-quality software developers, then the article should contain development-related keywords like agile and scrum. If your clients are struggling with this, they can take advantage of websites that help with this. They can enter their keyword into the site, then it will provide a list of LSI keywords that should be used throughout the article.

SEO is just one component that is important to implement in recruiting efforts these days. The recruitment cycle can be tricky to tackle at times, but with robust strategies and determination, your clients will come out on top.

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