Gaining a Competitive Edge: Staffing Strategies

Your clients can significantly benefit from recruitment tips and tricks for a competitive job market. We are in a day and age where job seekers are getting pickier and pickier, and filling open jobs requires special recruitment tactics that set staffers apart from all the other agencies working with the same talent pool. It can be quite challenging to find new and effective recruitment ideas to be executed, so your clients should take advantage of these staffing strategies and tips while they are not in widespread use.

Contact a Personal Email Address

When making an initial outreach to a potential candidate, it is best to use their personal, rather than corporate, email addresses. While there are some individuals who may view this as unprofessional, others have a legitimate concern that their email accounts are monitored and do not want to take the chance of their current company finding that they are using work hours to find another job. The challenge for the recruiter is that finding a personal email can be a lot of work.

Text When You Can

The search method you use to find emails may also lead to a phone number that can be used to good effect if done carefully. Most people find it strange to receive a text from an unknown number and will assume it is spam, so the recruiter should explain who they are and how they got their contact info in the first sentence for the potential candidate to continue reading.

If rapport is established quickly, text may be the best communication method available. People typically check their texts far more frequently than they do their emails and tend to respond at a higher rate, both initially and throughout the conversation.

Niche Recruitment

Is there a particular type of crowd that your clients are trying to draw in?  Staffers must learn to speak the language of their tech candidates. It will even be helpful to find the local scene for these individuals and get involved. Staffers must be sure that they are searching for talent in the right places online. For instance, tech talent can be tricky to find online when looking in typical places. Posting to a standard job board will only bring up the most active candidates when it is the passive candidates that are likely sought. Your clients will want to go to a site where developers go to ask and answer questions. It is crucial that recruiters have a thorough understanding of the position they are looking to fill. With some industries, staffers will not be able to get away with not learning the full picture.

Quizzes and Challenges

Recruiters must think of ways to grab potential candidates’ attention and interest. Your clients can even consider having a dedicated challenges page on their site that they use to collect email addresses in exchange for solutions to difficult questions.

There can be yet another page to engage with those who understand the area of expertise and suggests the right type of quizzes. Staffers may even be able to get that same person to code it on their site. The idea is to get the buzz, and the quiz may even go viral. There should be a process to identify and follow up with any high-quality people who submit their email addresses.

Think About Mobile

Not everyone owns a laptop or desktop computer and are therefore reliant on their smartphone for Internet access. It is important that all job listings format and work well on mobile devices. While considering if a job listing is appropriate, it is smart to test it out on the phone.

Also, considering the process by which people share their work experience is just as important. With a Word doc resume, potential candies may find it difficult to attach it from their phone. There should be an option to email their resume as an attachment after the application is submitted to ensure that the process is straightforward.

Use of Social Media

Facebook can be utilized as a primary social media advertising platform. Depending on the position, Facebook is the platform of choice for those with less expert skillsets. Plus, the demographic targeting criteria make it easy to target ads by variables such as income and education, to really zone in who may be a good candidate for the job.

If Facebook is used, it is best to study how to advertise on the site, learn how to write compelling ad copy and what to do when a candidate expresses interest in a job posting.

Use Employee Referrals Wisely

Employee referrals are a standard method through all sectors. However, they can be extremely beneficial to when hiring, especially when details are important. There is often higher turnover with certain positions, so referral bonuses should be contingent on the length of time an individual stays at a company. This will incentivize employees to refer those they believe are responsible and motivated to stick to a job.

Recruiters will need to determine the types of bonuses that will most motivate employees. While cash bonuses are always a good option, gift cards or merchandise can also be used. The employee demographic base will tend to dictate what works best.

Be Transparent

It is critical that your clients are completely upfront from the beginning about the downsides of a position. If the role has an inconsistent schedule, part-time hours, night shifts, and no benefits, that should be clear to those interviewing. Otherwise, many people will accept the position only to find that it is not the right fit for them a couple of weeks down the line. The increased turnover, training costs, and many other issues can easily be avoided with a transparent approach. Staffing agencies are vulnerable to a wide range of risks, which is why it is so important that they understand the benefits of staffing business insurance. 

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