Innovative Recruiting Strategies for Staffing Agencies

Recruiters cannot get enough candidates or connections. Luckily, there are innovative recruiting strategies to use. Finding the best candidates can be tricky these days as things are quickly evolving in the workforce. Baby boomers are retiring, Millennials are freelancing, and Generation Z is beginning to enter the workforce. Plus, there is currently a digital revolution to keep up with. For these reasons, AI and automation tools are booming in efforts to simplify recruitment.

It can be challenging to determine which recruitment methods best fit a company and stay up with emerging ones. Recruitment efforts do not always go as streamlined as planned, which is why it is so important that your clients secure staffing liability insurance.

To find the best candidates, it is important to try out new creative and innovative recruiting strategies to show potential applicants that the company is staying current and values a good candidate experience.

Inclusive Job Adverts

First, you must consider the beginning of the recruitment process, which starts with putting the job advertisement out. The wording of the job advertisement makes a huge difference.

The wording and phrasing of things can deter an entire group of the candidate population (women, ethnic minorities, older people). To prevent this from happening, keep the candidate pool as large as possible and use AI-driven writing tools to help. This kind of tool scans heaps of documents and can predict what job advert will be successful.

Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising is the automated posting of job ads, targeting the candidate profiles you are looking for. Programmatic advertising should definitely be used for online recruiting.

It may be smart to recruit on niche sites where target candidates hang out, such as Amazon putting job postings on Tinder, or Goldman Sachs using Spotify. It is crucial to know your candidates to make sure they see the job advert.

Video Interviewing

Using video technology can be a great option for candidates who live abroad as it saves both them and the recruiter heaps of time – and money, while still benefiting from a much larger candidate pool.

Your clients can use pre-employment assessments that incorporate video technology. This technology will collect data for things like verbal response, eye movements and non-verbal communication. It also uses this information to predict a candidate’s likelihood of success in their future job.

It is in your client’s best interest to implement a modern candidate selection process, which is streamlined, experience-driven, and backed by data.

Benefit from the Gig Economy

Sometimes recruiters are looking for someone with specific skills, such as a graphic designer, possibly needed for a couple of high-priority projects that need to be finished on short notice.

In this case, a freelancer may be the best option. There are many freelance platforms out there to reach a motivated freelancer and can save so much time and money. Working with freelancers also allows the opportunity to see how good they are and how well they work with the rest of the team to determine whether a full-time position would be a good fit.

Passive Candidates

Passive candidates can be considered a hidden treasure. Before social media, it was nearly impossible to reach these talented workers who aren’t actively searching for jobs. When professional social networks came about, it was a real game-changer.

Now, recruiters can reach out to anyone, even passive candidates. They can engage with these candidates and build a relationship. Even if the passive candidate is not currently interested, a connection can be made through social media so the company can be top of mind when the individual eventually does want a career change.

Employee Referrals

Employee referrals are among the most effective recruitment methods. Referred new hires are more inclined to be engaged, productive, and likely to stay for a longer period of time.

Employee referral programs should include these elements:

  • Incentives
  • Ease of use
  • Strong commutation and follow-ups
  • Recognition


Nowadays, recruiting strategies that use texting can be very effective. Almost all texts will be quickly read, and the response rate for texts is much higher than emails.

Texting can be utilized for:

  • Checking in with candidates
  • Scheduling and confirming assessments and interviews
  • Engaging with applicants during the recruitment process

Social Media

If recruiters are not yet using social media as a part of their online recruiting efforts, it is time to do so. Younger generations of job seekers are certainly using at least one kind of social channel when searching for a job.

The social media outlets are endless and extend beyond the ‘big four’ (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn). Recruiters are now beginning to think outside the social box and now giving platforms such as Tinder, Snapchat, and Bumble a shot to find new talent. Again, the key is to understand your target candidates to know where to find them.

Use Data

Using data is a critical for effective recruiting strategies. To determine whether or not the recruitment methods are getting the sought after results, there must be a measurement plan in place. Recruiters should consider these factors:

  • What channel do the candidates use?
  • Which channel gets the most successful hires?
  • How long does it take from the moment it’s decided a new employee is needed to when they actually start on the job?

Knowing these areas and making the recruitment process data-driven will help optimize the strategy.

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