Staffing Agencies & Talent Acquisition Technology

Staffing Agencies & Talent Acquisition Technology

Staffing Agencies & Talent Acquisition Technology

Everyone has experienced the traditional interview; it’s the same process throughout most of the staffing industry. But what if we told you there was a faster, more convenient process for your staffing agency to find the best talent. The Talent Acquisition Technology (TAT) environment is greatly expanding & innovating the staffing industry. Everything from Online/Video interviews to VIOP technology might be the next big adjustment to your hiring processes.

Online/video interviewing may be the first innovative app that catalyzes more change in the TAT environment that staffing firms inhabit. These new innovations have the potential to absorb and redevelop segments of your staffing agency. Talent Acquisition Technology and how it is and can be leveraged by Staffing Firms to become more innovative and competitive is just the beginning.  Online/video interviewing is a very important development in the staffing industry and is one of the most significant emerging applications in the TAT ecosystem.

Other underlying Talent Acquisition technologies such as Social Networks technologies like Branchout and Reach are connecting users in the millions.  Many of these underlying technologies have been hyped and proved to be a key player in the online recruiting space. Networks like Brachout are actually able to connect friends of friends establishing thousands of connections easily for the next big job hunt.

Staffing firms have already adapted this technology without realizing it.  By deploying VOIP/integrated telephone & integrating it with another system, your firm has already upgraded their Talent Acquisition Technology.

Although, unified communication technologies have changed significantly in the past 15 years, many communications vendors and even software vendors have been pushing to make unified communication available to smaller and midsized staffing firms.

Talent Acquisition Technology is a very important development for the staffing industry. So how will it affect your business?  This will depend upon your understanding of your current technology & openness to adopt new recruiting methods. Staffing firms that indulge themselves with this new technology will find more opportunities to be successful in the future.

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