Staffing Agency Insurance: Adjusting to Telework Opportunities

Staffing Agency Insurance Adjusting to Telework Opportunities

Staffing Agency Insurance: Adjusting to Telework Opportunities

The latest report published by Global Workplace Analytics, a research group based in San Diego, entitled The State of Telework in the U.S. revealed some intriguing data about employees working remotely. “Telework” can be described as work performed in alternative settings than at the physical location of employment. The study estimates that roughly 45% of the American workforce holds positions that are compatible with some level of telework.

Based on current labor trends some 5 million employees will hold telework positions by 2016. Working from home is an increasingly popular trend and the adoption of more telecommuting practices is projected by many analysts to accelerate in the near future. Roughly 50 million employees currently hold positions with the potential for remote work capabilities. In other words, the requirements of their position do not necessitate their physical presence in their place of employment. The biggest barrier indicated by the report is employer hesitation to employ teleworkers or allow telecommuting practices. While large companies are more likely than small organizations to permit such practices, general administrative fears and mistrust still prevail in many organizations nationwide.

However, state and federal governments seems to be embracing the potential of remote work possibilities offering government employees a variety of Work-from-Home job options. The 6th Circuit court system recently extended protection to a teleworker in an appeal case filed by Ford Motor Company, asserting that in an increasingly technology-based economy attendance at the workplace can no longer be assumed to mean attendance at the physical location of a business. The court ruled the Ford could not prove that “physical attendance” at the place of employment was necessary for the worker to perform their job functions successfully, and upheld an early ruling in favor of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. While the case may be an isolated incident, the decision is likely to set a principle in the future to allow telecommuting options as reasonable accommodations for employees, especially those who are ill or suffer disabilities.

There is no doubt the telework is a labor force trend not to be ignored, but finding reliable workers for such positions may prove challenging for staffing professionals. Adjusting to any new employment trend involves ensuring that any staffing agency provides their clients with the best candidates possible.

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