Staffing Employment Practices Liability: Utilizing Big Data

Staffing Employment Practices Liability Insurance Utilizing Big Data

Staffing Employment Practices Liability: Utilizing Big Data

Employee allure and retention is an increasing concern for many companies who understand the risks of losing high-potential workers. One of the most prominent new staffing tactics involves the utilization of digital Big Data to assist staffing personnel in their employee searches. New talent search software is being developed and implemented by many different organizations hoping to get an edge in the staffing field. Software mega-creator IBM, for example, recently announced their self-designated “expertise locator” software designed specifically for members of the staffing industry as a tool to help identify the hidden potentials of employees and laborers. The software essentially scans the multitudes of public data collected from various social media platforms, blogs, and other public data sources to assess an applicant’s hidden skills or talents that may not have been presented d in their resume or records.

The new technologies use objective data as opposed to subjective human influence to categorically analyze the talent of an individual taking a plethora of factors into consideration. However, relying on publicly available big data may pose interesting ethical concern over the separation of personal information from the employment sector. While an overwhelming variety of such information may be openly accessible to the right software, careful consideration should be taken when specifying what types of information should be analyzed. All hiring procedures are subject to federal and state anti-discrimination regulations. As such the types of data utilized in the assessment process for hiring should be specifically designed to exclude certain categorical data that might infringe upon the rights of prospective employees, or your staffing organization may face serious allegations and potential legal action.

As with any new staffing tactic, big data talent scout software can pose serious staffing employment practices liability risks for hiring and staffing reps through the industry. At World Wide Specialty Programs we offer the best Employment Practices Liability insurance coverage in the industry. Our comprehensive Staffing Insurance coverage solutions can help any organization navigate the challenges of an increasingly competitive staffing environment. We are the nation’s leaders in Staffing Industry insurance coverage and risk management solutions. Contact one of our specialists today at (877) 256-0468 for more information about all of our policy offerings.

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