Staffing Agency Insurance: Most Revealing Interview Questions

Staffing Agency Insurance Most Revealing Interview Questions

Staffing Agency Insurance: Most Revealing Interview Questions

Screening job candidates can be tricky for anyone looking to hire a new addition for a company. Finding the best fit takes time and strategy. Whether you are an in-house HR professional or a contracting staffing agency finding workers who are not only qualified for the position but will successfully assimilate into their new place of employment can be hard to discern without asking the right questions in the initial interview process.

Navigating an interview to maximize the quality of information obtained from a candidate requires an intimate understanding of what can and cannot legally be asked of the applicant. Asking the wrong questions can leave any staffing professional open to staffing agency insurance risks and a myriad of liability concerns. At World Wide Specialty Programs we strive to protect the staffing industry from all industry risks they encounter and have compiled a list of interview questions that can help uncover potential employee pitfalls.

The most revealing interview questions include:

• What are you looking for in a workplace? Assessing the desires of the candidate can help establish if they are a contender for any position. By letting them express their requests, staffers can better understand the applicant’s values, work styles, interests and get a feel for whether or not they would make a good fit.

• What would you bring to the company and/or what would the company miss out on should they decide not to hire you? This question assesses the interviewee’s strengths as well as their personality. Candidates can explain what they bring to the environment on multiple levels. These questions offer insight into how a worker portrays themselves as an employee.

• Describe a difficult situation with a coworker, boss or fellow employee and how it was resolved. Asking about work history can be tricky territory but understanding how a potential employee handles problematic workplace situations can be very telling. As part of a greater risk management strategy, asking questions that may expose a worker’s tendency to get easily angered or still up trouble can save an employer costly conflict resolution later. Additionally a great follow up or supplemental question would ask how an applicant would handle a situation in which they were asked to do something they did not want to do, or that was not part of their job description.

Describe a workplace safety issue that you have faced and how did you handle it? Because workplace safety is a major concern in any industry, assessing a worker’s awareness of safety concerns and protocol can help weed out workers who do not value workplace safety or may be non-compliant.

As a staffing industry member your clients are faced with very specific insurance coverage needs. At World Wide we offer the best staffing agency insurance coverage available. Our policies represent an array of industry specific coverage including Employment Practices Liability and Personnel Consultant Liability. Call us today to at (877) 256-0468 ensure the best coverage for your staffing industry clients.