Staffing Agency Insurance: Why People Hate their Jobs

Staffing Agency Insurance Why People Hate their Jobs

Staffing Agency Insurance: Why People Hate their Jobs

As a staffing industry professional, your job is to find the right candidate for the job. You scour resumes, talk to clients about what they’re looking for and conduct hours of interviews to make sure you find the right fit for the job.

But finding “the right fit” can be difficult, especially when looking for top level positions. It’s difficult to determine a person’s personality, qualifications and past experience are right for a particular job in a forty-five minute interview. And of course in any permanent staffing position, the goal is longevity- you want the candidates you place to grow and flourish in the company.

But what makes a candidate stay? In examining the question, sometimes it can help to look at it through the opposite lens- why do people hate their jobs? Here are a few of the top reasons why people hate their jobs, and why they may be more likely to leave.

  • Their values don’t align with the company.
  • They don’t feel valued.
  • There’s no room for advancement.
  • There’s too much red tape.
  • Their boss sucks.
  • The passion’s gone.
  • They’re unhappy with their pay.

Some of these reasons are inevitable. You have no control over a candidate’s bad boss. If they don’t feel valued, that’s not something you can control as a recruiter. But the list highlights other things that you can control. Company culture. Aligned values. Room for advancement. Talking about the importance of these values with candidates ahead of time can help ensure the match you make between company and client is a good one.

What are some other reasons people might not stay at a job? Are there any others that a recruiter could help prevent?

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