Staffing Agency Insurance: Worker Loyalty & Retention

Staffing Agency Insurance: Worker Loyalty & Retention

Staffing Agency Insurance: Worker Loyalty & Retention

Accosted with a barrage of applicants, it is easy for job candidates to become names on a page rather than identifiable individuals. But treating candidates like another faceless resume can do more harm than good to your staffing agency’s reputation. This post is brought to you by World Wide Specialty Programs Staffing Agency Insurance.

An unhappy job applicant is unlikely to be a proponent of your company’s services. Add in frustrated tweets or Facebook posts to friends and family, and suddenly the effect is multiplied, creating a negative image for your company. In recruiting it is essential to develop and maintain relationships- the person who is rejected today might be the perfect candidate for tomorrow’s job.

The Wall Street Journal highlighted tips from Universum, an employer-branding firm, to ensure that candidates come away with a positive impression of your staffing agency, whether or not they get the position.

Walk in my shoes. Continually evaluate and test the application process. Try to look at it from the position of the job candidate. Rather than just giving them a list of instructions, think of tips to help guide them through the process rather than leaving them to flounder on their own.

Hear me now. Ask candidates for feedback and listen to the responses. Have job seekers fill out a survey at the end of an application process. If there is an issue, try to address it and improve the process for next time.

Speak clearly. Make sure your message to candidates is simple and clear. Use the appropriate mediums to communicate with your audience, whether it is email, social media, or by phone.

Answer truthfully. Rejection is part of the recruitment process. Often candidates simply want reliable information, so try to be as transparent as possible. If a candidate is rejected, walk through the interview with them, to give them feedback to continue next time.

Deliver what you promise. Follow through with candidates. Critique their resume. Follow-through with them. Facilitate clear communication between the company and the candidate- if you promise them a response from the company in a week, make sure that happens. Make them feel comfortable with the process, and they will be more comfortable and have a positive impression of your firm.

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