Staffing Industry: Generational Workplace Trends

Staffing Industry: Generational Workplace Trends

The economy, job demand, personal preference, work values; the reasons why a worker chooses a particular job and how long they stay depends on a variety of factors. Now a study indicates that employees are switching jobs and even careers more frequently.

The Kelly Global Workforce Index surveyed 97,000 people from 30 countries about work and the workplace from a generational viewpoint. The study particularly examined the factors that drive career choice and progression.

The modern workforce is evolving to become more dynamic and more flexible than ever, and is characterized by a distinctive instability. The economic recession makes jobs difficult to get and unemployment rates are high. A high number of survey participants reported being unhappy with their jobs. Two thirds of the workplace intend to look for a new job with another organization in the next year.

The trend towards changing careers goes beyond economic influences. Citing increased income and changing personal interests as motivation, people are more willing to switch careers than ever before. Individuals no longer stay with one company until they retire, but may even have several careers over their professional lifetime.

Part of the influence is attributed to the newest generation of workers. Generation Y was raised in the era of fast-changing technology- they easily adapt to changing trends and are more confident in their abilities to switch industries and careers with ease. As a whole, they also tend to value work-life balance more than previous generations and don’t have as strong a sense of company attachment as previous generations. They are incredibly confident in their abilities and aren’t afraid of jumping between various jobs and even careers.

For the staffing industry in particular, it is important to know what resonates with candidates when searching for a job. A company’s corporate brand and reputation is important to job seekers. And, according to the survey less than half of the participants felt valued by their current employer.

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