Hiring Trend: Personality Tests in Recruitment

Hiring Trend: Personality Tests in Recruitment

A new trend has changed the traditional resume/interview recruitment process. More and more companies are using personality assessment tests as tools to sort through candidates.

According to the Wall Street Journal, over 80% of midsize and large companies use personality and ability assessments for entry and midlevel positions. These are typically used as either pre-employment or new-employee orientation tools.

Assessment tests cover everything from personality traits to work styles. The Meyers Brigg Type Indicator for example, is a personality test that measures how people perceive the world. Another one is the Birkman Method personality assessment test- a 45 minute assessment that identifies an individual’s work style and behavior.

The tests are designed to identify candidates who have particular traits needed for job. This is especially crucial in customer service sectors, for example. Personality assessment tests can help sort candidates who have the necessary characteristics to deal with people of all different temperaments and have the skills and patience to solve problems on a continuing basis.

The retail industry traditionally has used personality assessment test in hiring new employees. Now, however, other industries are catching on, including finance, technology, health care and operations.

The benefits of finding the right fit for the job can be critical to reducing turnover costs required to recruit and train each professional. (Typically estimated at one year’s salary).

Personality tests have even been incorporated into the workplace as a collaboration tool. At Acxiom, coworkers wear their Birkman personality colors on their badge. If someone has a green badge (a communicator), then the person working with them knows to provide specific information to help facilitate collaboration.

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