Staffing Industry Insurance: LinkedIn Offering New Recruiting Tools

Staffing Industry Insurance LinkedIn's New Recruiting Tools

Staffing Industry Insurance: LinkedIn’s New Recruiting Tools

LinkedIn recently held their fifth annual Talent Connect  recruiting conference, where thousands of staffing professionals attended to network and discuss the latest industry news, technology and trends. During which, they took the opportunity to announce the release dates of two of the latest product updates to their staffing solutions line-up. As part of their efforts to providing comprehensive candidate selection and identification technology to the staffing industry, LinkedIn announced that they are working on new tools, both are already being tested by some customers now, which are set for release in 2015. LinkedIn hopes that these new tools will aid recruiters and staffing personnel in better understanding and mining their worker pool.

The first new staffing tool is essentially a big-data analysis tool, designed to glean statistical data about the employee pool in a certain area. LinkedIn suggests that recruiters will use this statistical analysis to see how many people with what experience and education are in any given area. The data will analyze and create a legible report that allows recruiters to identify many different elements such as the top companies, geographies, experience, and education of the talent pool they are recruiting from. LinkedIn hopes that this information will help staffing professional better prepare for and adapt to the task at hand.

The second product LinkedIn is currently developing will help staffing professionals assess a candidate’s ability to “fit” within a company’s culture, standards and environment. A new search capability will analyze more of the professional information on a candidate’s LinkedIn profile and suggest candidates based not only on their qualifications, but their potential to fit in with current employees and the company as a whole. The new function will also, will spot patterns that pertain to a company, identifying information such as the top schools or area that a company tends to recruit from or people current employees are already connected to.

Both of these new product upgrades are expected to be made widely available in the first half of 2015.

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