Staffing Industry Insurance: New Projections for 2015 First Quarter

Staffing Industry Insurance: New Projections for 2015 First Quarter

International staffing solutions firm ManpowerGroup recently released the findings of their Employment Outlook Survey for 2015 which gleaned employment forecasts from some 18,000 American employers from 100 metro areas to gauge their hiring plans. The group worked with a research firm to gather data from hiring managers and human resource professionals by phone and email concerning employment changes through the first quarter of 2015.  Here are a few notable results:

  • Only 19 percent of employers plan to hire new staff members through the end of March 2015. Seventy-three percent of employers however plan to make no changes or keep employment at current levels and only 6 percent plan to make cuts.
  • The top five states with the greatest employment growth projection include Hawaii, North Dakota, Delaware, Michigan, and Texas.
  • The states with the lowest employment growth projection include: New Jersey, Alaska, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island.
  • The metropolitan areas with the largest employment growth projection are: Cape Coral, FL, McAllen, TX, Detona FL, Grand Rapids, MI, Milwaukee, WI and Oxnard, CA.
  • The metropolitan areas with the lowest employment growth projection for the first quarter of 2015 include: Spokane, Portland (OR), Syracuse, Rochester and Indianapolis.
  • Across the country as a whole, the leisure and hospitality industry is expected to drive the greatest amount of growth, followed by retail/ wholesale and the transportation industry.
  • Education, information services, and health services is predicted to see some of the slowest staffing growth in the next few months.

The full Employment Outlook Survey for 2015 report can be found through ManpowerGroup’s website.

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