Staffing Industry Trends: How Job Searching Will Change in 2014

Staffing Industry Trends How Job Searching Will Change in 2014

Staffing Industry Trends: How Job Searching Will Change in 2014

As we move into 2014, a lot of changes are taking place. Demographics and new Healthcare Laws are changing the way that employers hire. Overall, temporary jobs seem to be a growing trend for employers, which is good news for those in the staffing industry. It’s important for your clients to be aware of the staffing industry trends that are happening moving forward, including how job searching seems to be changing. Here are some things your clients can expect when searching for candidates this year.

Candidates will be more tech-savvy. This doesn’t just mean that they’ll be updating their LinkedIn profiles or tweeting a few times a day. This year the job search is going to become more digital than ever before. 2013 saw the rise of the mobile job search. Job seekers will be perfecting electronic versions of their resumes that can easily be submitted to employers. Knowing where and how they are looking for their opportunities can help staffing agencies in their candidate search.

Freelancing and working remotely will be normal. Many employers are beginning to discover that talented employees don’t necessarily have to work in a traditional work setting. Companies are recruiting people from all over the country and are giving them the option to work from home. Candidates also realize this, and many millennials may even prefer it. When it comes to staffing industry trends, it’s a good idea to look for employers that may offer this virtual working option.

There will be more emphasis on online presence. Employers are routinely checking social media platforms and researching candidates online. Job seekers are doing the same when looking at potential employers. Employers are going to take advantage of mobile apps and video interviews to screen the best candidates for their company. As the third party between candidates and clients, it’s imperative for those in the staffing industry to keep up with these trends.

Knowing what staffing industry trends are happening in 2014 is an important step in ensuring the future of your client’s company. World Wide Specialty Programs has always had a singular purpose- to design, develop and provide staffing insurance programs for the staffing industry. Working with over 2,000 insurance brokers nationwide, we know the staffing industry better than anyone, and can provide great options for your staffing industry insurance needs. Contact us today for more information at (877) 256-0468.