Staffing Insurance: Difficult Interviews Yield Highest Satisfaction

Staffing Insurance Difficult Interviews Yield Highest Satisfaction

Staffing Insurance: Difficult Interviews Yield Highest Satisfaction

Why were you fired from your last position? Why do you think you are qualified for this position? What is your greatest weakness? Why should we hire you? This post is brought to you by WWPSI Staffing Insurance.

Even if you expect the questions, the interview process can be harrowing. As a staffing agency, you’ve heard the interview horror stories. Oddball questions, grueling hours, and tearing apart resumes and answers bit by bit until the candidate is thoroughly exhausted.

A challenging interview can shake even the most qualified candidate. It can intimidate them, make them think of the company differently, or even scare them away from the position entirely. But that is not necessarily the case.

A recent study by Glassdoor (source: Wall Street Journal) found that the candidates who endured difficult job interviews reported a higher job satisfaction overall. Generally, the difficult interview process was worth the paycheck, challenging or interesting work.

So the next time a candidate returns from a grueling interview shaking in their boots, encourage them to take a moment and examine why they are suited for a particular position, and how they would fit into the company. Don’t shy away because of one grueling interview. It may end up being a fantastic opportunity.

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