Staffing Insurance: Evaluating Traditional Staffing Norms

Staffing Insurance Evaluating Traditional Staffing Norms

Staffing Insurance: Evaluating Traditional Staffing Norms

The livelihood of staffing professionals depends on making the right choices when it comes to hiring, so needless to say most professionals tend to play it safe when selecting their candidates and follow traditional staffing norms and trends. While many of these tried and true practices are rituals for a reason, the staffing industry is an ever changing one. As such, the industry must adapt to changes and trends in the employment market and give credence to new mentalities and strategies that reflect the modern market.

For example, one of the oldest hiring strategies in the playbook remains verifying candidates on their current credentials. It seems intuitive enough. If the candidate has performed the job functions or similar ones before, it seem likely that they will be able to have repeat success in that role. There is no doubt about it, credential driven hiring is a standard. However, some staffing professionals and corporate recruiting teams are rebelling against this traditional practice and searching for candidates’ hidden potential.

Many of the largest companies in the world have adjusted their recruiting and hiring strategies to offer more flexibility to candidates, placing less emphasis on a hopeful’s credentials and greater emphasis on their personality, achievements and potential., a recruiting intelligence and industry resource operation, offers a poignant argument on the pros and cons of basing hiring decision strictly on a candidate’s credentials. In their article the authors point to examples of both success and failure in thoughtful prod to get recruiters and staffing professionals evaluating their own hiring practices.

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