Staffing Insurance: Millennials and the Casual Job Hunt

Staffing Insurance Millennials and the Casual Job Hunt

Staffing Insurance: Millennials and the Casual Job Hunt

There is a general consensus that millennials the youngest generation to enter the workforce, are bombing job interviews. According to an article in USA Today, they take phone calls, bring parents or pets to the interview, and use slang and overly casual behavior among other oddball characteristics. In other words, appear generally unprepared, casual, and inappropriate to a job interview setting.

This isn’t everyone. HR executives say such interview quirks are displayed by roughly one in five recent grads. Others say this behavior is indicative of sloppy job-seeking tactics in general. The internet has made it increasingly easy to apply to large numbers of positions with a click of a mouse in only a few seconds. In this massive of a job hunt, resumes aren’t tailored to positions anymore, but rather are used as a one-generic-size-fits-all-version.

The debate is bigger than millennials and centers around the role of technology in recruiting. Millennials are a generation raised on technology. It is second nature to them. In many ways it is a blessing, as they adapt easily to new changes and trends. In other ways some have argued it is a setback, hindering proper communication skills and making what was previously a formal, structured, job search process casual and succinct. Is it really their fault? Or has the job hunt itself been casual-ized itself due to technology?

It is easy to apply to thousands of jobs in a short amount of time. Many recruiters are taking to Twitter to advertise open positions in 140 characters or less. The carefully crafted resume tailored to every position you apply for has been dismissed in favor of one resume uploaded to multiple job sites? What about the cover letter?

What do you think about social media and technology’s influence in the job hunt today?

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