Staffing Insurance: San Francisco Sets New Worker Rights

Staffing Insurance San Francisco Sets New Workers Rights

Staffing Insurance: San Francisco Sets New Worker Rights

Major changes are afoot in San Francisco, CA after the San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed a first-of-its-kind law aimed at securing more stable hours for retail workers. The regulations were designed to promote access to full-time employment and career growth for retail and hourly wage workers, discouraging the abuse of On-Call scheduling practices, encourage fair and predictable scheduling practices, promote worker retention and improve job security, and promote equal treatment of part-time and temporary workers.

The new legislation which passed unanimously through the city board has been nicknamed “The Retail Workers Bill of Rights”. The regulations require the city’s large chain retailers post workers’ schedules at least two weeks ahead of time. The new regulations will require employers to compensate workers for their time if unexpected changes are made to employees’ schedules or if workers are required to be “on call” and their shifts are suddenly canceled. Furthermore, employers must now offer any extra available hours of payroll to their current workforce rather than bringing on more part-time or temporary workers. The regulations also protect workers against losing their jobs after their company is bought or sold by requiring the new businesses to keep existing workers on staff for at least a 90-day trial period after acquisition any retail operation is acquired.

By enacting the new regulations, San Francisco officials hope to inspire other communities to follow suit. The new regulations are a landmark step for hourly wage workers who have been actively seeking improved working conditions, wage raises and employment security.

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