Staffing Insurance: Top 5 Job Seeker Mistakes

Staffing Insurance: Top 5 Job Seeker Mistakes

Staffing Insurance: Top 5 Job Seeker Mistakes

If you’re on the job hunt, you know the trials and tribulations of sending out all those resumes and cover letters. It’s not easy. The internet makes it convenient to post hundreds of resumes quickly….and then you sit and wait. However, simply blindly posting your resume won’t get you the results you’re looking for either. Below are some tips on the top five mistakes job seekers make when applying for jobs. This post is provided by WorldwideStaffing Insurance

Don’t use a stock resume. Resumes should be tailored to specific positions. Sending out the exact same resume over and over again won’t bring in a litany of job offers.

Misusing social networks. You won’t find too many job postings on Facebook. However, social media can be a great way to network and research the industry you’re interested in. Follow the companies you’re interested in and stay up to date with what they are doing. Reach out to friends who are working in your desired industry. But make sure your profile is up to par first. Potential employers will Google you. Make sure your Facebook, Twitter, and other profiles are appropriate.

Do the background work. Don’t go into an interview unprepared. Do your research on the company first. Know the requirements of the position and how

Asking others to do your work for you. Don’t simply hand in a resume to a recruiter asking them to review it, Holly Paul, U.S. recruiting leader at PrecewaterhouseCoopers, told the Wall Street Journal: “Job seekers come to me and say: ‘I like your company, here’s my résumé. Please do all my work for me, and tell me what would be a good fit for me.’ I do not move forward with those sorts of applications.”

Spell check. Don’t spell the company name wrong. Make sure you address the correct people in your cover letter. Spelling mistakes, however minor, indicate a lack of detail and laziness. It signals you don’t care about the employer.

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