Staffing Insurance: Social Media Faux-Pas

Staffing Insurance: Social Media Faux-Pas

Staffing Insurance: Social Media Faux-Pas

The line between public and private is blurred especially in the social media space. People are increasingly more lax about the depth of personal details the put on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, and Instagram among others. This is especially applicable for the relationship among employers and employees. Here are some Social Media Faux-Pas presented by World Wide Staffing Insurance programs.

Many employers have created social media policies that address over sharing on social media. Social media blunders happen every day, but they are being taken much more seriously. According to MSN Careers, a survey found that 21% of companies disciplined employees for violating social networking policies. About 9% of those surveyed fired an employee for their indiscretion.

One CEO was fired because he “improperly communicated Company information through social media.” (LA Times) An employee called out sick from work, saying she couldn’t use a computer. She was caught surfing Facebook from home and was terminated. A juror couldn’t decide what to decide, so she released sensitive case information and asked her Facebook friends what they thought in a poll and was immediately removed from the jury.

Some firings have been sadly hilarious faux-pas. Others have been a clear lack of discretion and judgment. Nevertheless, it is essential to monitor our social media profiles. Stick to this adage: if you don’t want it splashed across the front page of the newspaper, don’t post, tweet, comment, like, pin, or Instagram it.

Here are some basic social media rules to follow when looking for a job:


  • Post confidential details.
  • Badmouth your clients.
  • Disrespect your employer.
  • Post inappropriate photos.
  • Talk trash about your boss.
  • Tell the world you’ve played hooky.

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