Staffing Insurance: Must-Have Skills for Job Seekers

Staffing Insurance: Must-Have Skills for Job Seekers

Staffing Insurance: Must-Have Skills for Job Seekers

You’ve heard it over and over again. The job market is tough. So what are those essential skills that job hunters are looking for in candidates? The Wall Street Journal shines some light on key qualities to help your job candidate stand out. This post is provided by World Wide staffing insurance programs

Retail, healthcare, professional services, and some manufacturing sectors are all predicted to see some growth despite economic difficulties. And as workers move around, there will still be openings even in more stagnant industries.

Technical literacy. Even if more mundane, technical skills are great attributes. Take the healthcare industry for example. Many organizations are switching record-keeping and billing to paperless. Data input and the technical skills to make and maintain the transition to electronic can be a huge boost to a candidate.

Social media has also created a new demand for individuals who can navigate the sites, especially for businesses. Sites are popping up so fast that social media is more than a niche interest- it is a booming industry. Companies all over are hiring social media consultants and employees to focus solely on maintaining their social media sites. If you’re active on Facebook or an avid tweeter, you could have an in.

Flexible proficiency. Companies want workers who are flexible and can perform functions in various jobs. This doesn’t mean you need to run out and get certified in every area from IT knowledge to Photoshop. Organizational structure is constantly shifting within companies. Especially in strained economic circumstances, employees who are willing to take on a multitude of varied tasks.

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