Staffing Liability Coverage: Employee Training Tips

Staffing Liability Coverage Employee Training Tips

Staffing Liability Coverage: Employee Training Tips

While the majority of job training is generally offered by host employers, staffing agencies are occasionally expected to provide basic job training and skill enhancement. Offering skill-building opportunities for employees and job hopefuls can also be a business booster for any savvy staffing firm looking to build rapport. In fact, it can be beneficial to business as well. A highly skilled worker-pool could give your client’s agency an edge over the rest by landing high profile clients, thus bolstering your client’s credibility and reputation.

Well trained workers are beneficial to any business endeavor, including those of us in the insurance industries. However employee training can be tricky to navigate. Finding the right balance between informational and entertaining practices is vital to employee education and enrichment. We have compiled some tips for engaging employees in training to increase the effectiveness of any program.

  • Limit the numbers. Training in groups of 5-20 dramatically increases participation and engagement as workers are less likely to speak-up, ask questions or volunteer in large groups.
  • Keep it simple. Comprehensive and practical training material is essential to holding your employee’s attention. Training information should be short, direct and simple for best retention.
  • Kick back and have some fun. Experimenting with training environments and providing refreshments can optimize the training program potential by increasing the employee’s comfort and enjoyment.  Accounting for diverse learning styles and utilizing dynamic combinations of training tactics can keep your workers involved and interested.
  • Lead, don’t lecture. Participation is imperative for comprehension, so making the material interactive and facilitating group work or sharing is a great training technique. Lecturing is never as interesting or challenging as allowing employees to apply the material is practical scenarios.
  • Encourage interaction. Peers grow from each other and benefit from shared knowledge and experiences. Collaboration and interaction also boosts morale, as such training can be a productive social outlet when utilized properly.

An aptly trained workforce is less likely to violate safety, conduct and other workplace policies and can be instrumental in decreasing staffing liability coverage exposures and risks for any company. However, some circumstances are simply unforeseeable and cannot be prevented. In those moments having the best staffing liability coverage is critical.

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