Staffing Agency Liability Insurance Aiding Millennials

Staffing Agency Liability Insurance Aiding Millennials

Staffing Agency Liability Insurance: Aiding Millennials

As previously discussed, navigating Millennials through the job market can be a challenge for recruiters and agencies alike as the tensions mount between non-millennial employers and their Millennial prospective.  While shy of current corporate powers, Millennials believe that in the future the business will influence more social change and house equal if not more potential as the government to meet social challenges. With their innovative ideologies and techno savvy, losing millennial personnel is extremely detrimental to the future of a business. Understanding what type of work environments appeal to emerging workers is crucial for the success of any business.

The staffing industry is particularly susceptible to liability risks because many Millennials can be hard to place and tend not to stay at a job for long periods of time. Understanding what these applicants value and the vital roles they play in the workforce is essential to facilitating the mutual success of new employees and their employers and minimizing staffing agency liability.

A recent Universum survey indicate that Millennials share a few common workplace beliefs and values.

  • R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Millennials’ number one priority is being treated with respect.  Most commonly they are looking to work in prosperous environments that facilitate mutual trust, openness and communication. They want their employers to be ethical, friendly and support their personal and professional development.
  • They seek opportunity. When choosing a job Millennials are definitely thinking ahead. They are looking for career-paths, professional growth potential and internal hiring structures. Despite their reported job-hopping, most Millennials are extremely workplace loyal when they find the right fit. They also highly value dynamic and creative work environments that promote idea flow and originality.
  • Looking to learn. Multiple studies indicate that the average college graduate reports their workforce readiness as below average. Perhaps that is why Millennials seek workplaces with mentorship and professional development opportunities. Millennials are generally very open to receiving feedback and constructive critique so that they can better preform in the jobs.  They seek positions with strong, professional training structures in which they can continue to grow and prosper over a long period of time.
  • Flexibility and freedom. Not everyone preforms best between 9-5 and while those may still be the big business operating hours the system is becoming rather antiquated. The ability to have flexible scheduling and work options is a huge priority for the current workforce as a whole. Millennials in particular seek opportunities to utilize their talents during their personal peak performance hours from wherever they are most productive. The opportunity to work remotely and have fluctuating hours is a huge draw.

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