Staffing Recruitment: How to Get Top Talent

Staffing Recruitment How to Get Top Talent

Staffing Recruitment: How to Get Top Talent

Recruiting top talent in the staffing industry isn’t always as simple as finding the right person. They might need convincing. Top talent is in high demand, and part of the work as a recruiter is to not only find the right match, but for the candidate to accept the position. So what do employees value most? What do they look for in their jobs?

Here’s the surprise. It’s not about the money. Wages don’t even factor into an employee’s top things they value most at their job. Instead, a sense of appreciation for their individual contributions, being a part of the overall vision of the organization, and a sense that their employer is concerned about them ranked first.

Opportunities for growth, career development, and a positive work environment matter more to employees than salary. Communication with employees is essential. Flexible work schedules and dress code also ranked high. A sense of autonomy was another one. It was the company culture, and sense of belonging that mattered to employees more than the salary.

It is difficult for most businesses to offer high competitive start salaries to lure new recruits in. As a recruiter, getting creative could help you lure in the best employee for the job. Highlighting the unique aspects of the position could make the difference between an employee accepting another offer.

Maybe the company does an office retreat every year to hear employees’ perspectives. Maybe they make a priority to always promote in-house whenever possible, emphasizing internal growth. Or maybe they have an open door policy and are receptive to employee suggestion and ideas. Whatever it is, make the unique aspects of a company your selling point. It could make the difference in finding the right candidate for the job.

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