Staffing Trends Show Employees Top Ten Values

Staffing Trends Show Employees Top Ten Values

As staffing professionals know, employee happiness plays a fundamental role in creating a positive, productive work environment. It is also vital for employee retention. A recently released survey conducted by the Boston Consulting Group polled more than 200,000 employees around the world, including 12,050 American employees, to create a list of the 10 top factors for on-the-job happiness. The group’s results show that American employees have different priorities than their foreign counterparts when it comes to choosing a workplace.

According to their survey, Americans rank the following as their top ten things they believe matter most when considering a workplace compared to their international ranking:

  • Company’s financial stability ranked 1st among American employers, while ranking 5th worldwide.
  • Good relationships with superiors took second place for American employees, while ranking 4th world wide.
  • Good work-life balance ranked 3rd in both the worldwide and American worker’s priorities when choosing an employee.
  • Company values ranked 4th on American employees’ list of priorities, far higher than the worldwide ranking of 10th.
  • Appreciation for their work ranked 5th for Americans yet took the top spot for overall, ranking 1st worldwide.
  • Good relationships with colleagues ranked 6th from American workers, yet worked 2nd among workers worldwide.
  • Among both American and worldwide employee priorities, job security ranked 7th.
  • Interesting job content ranked 8th for American workers and 9th for worldwide employees.
  • Employer reputation was American workers’ collective 9th priority yet did not make the international top ten priority list at all.
  • An attractive fixed salary was the 10th priority for American employees, yet ranked 8th in worldwide.

Why is this information important?

Staffing professionals can use this data when recruiting, hiring and seeking to retain individuals. Much of the study’s data indicates that American, and international, employees are becoming increasingly invested in the quality of not only job and salary, but their workplace and work relationships as well. Such information can help staffers attract and match prospective employees with their ideal roles.

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