Staffing Professional Insurance: Good Reasons to Hire Vets

Staffing Professional Insurance Good Reasons to Hire Vets

Staffing Professional Insurance: Good Reasons to Hire Vets

According to the U.S Department of Labor, there are over 21 million military veterans in the civil population which is roughly 9 percent of the total population. While veteran unemployment rates vary from state to state, sometimes as high as 10 percent, an estimated 722,000 unemployed military veterans are vying for civilian positions in the American workforce. Male veterans have a slightly lower unemployment rate on national average than female veterans, as unemployed female veterans number roughly 560,000. Forty-five percent of unemployed veterans are between the ages of 18 and 44 and most are well qualified for many civilian positions in various industry sectors. Current staffing industry trends indicate that veterans are excelling in IT and Technology related fields, as well as construction and contracting positions as these fields easily integrate the skills acquired through the course of their service.

Hiring military veterans can come with many advantages. While some employers and staffing personnel see veterans as a potential liability, the truth is that former military personnel are highly qualified, skilled workers who bring many unique benefits to an operation.  Here are some of the top reasons why military veterans make great employees:

  • Quick learners: Based on their previous training, veterans typically have an aptitude for learning and adopting new skills, techniques and protocol. This strength will often decrease the amount of time it takes for these workers to become fully functional members of a new team.
  • Highly team oriented: Military personnel are accustomed to working within a team setting to achieve their goals. Through their training they learn the nuances of working with diverse groups for various backgrounds and mentalities. Veterans generally understand the importance utilizing the skills of each individual and will often put the needs of the team and operation first.
  •  Respect protocol and workplace safety: Military personnel are trained to appreciate the importance of following directions, executing tasks thoroughly and swiftly, and respecting the established chain of command. They are accustomed to situations where accomplishing an objective safely and efficiently could be the difference between life or death, typically have a respect for procedure while retaining adaptability when necessary. Their respect for safety precautions in particular makes them less likely to be liability risk when it comes to worker safety.
  • Results oriented: Veterans are used to working in a goal and performance driven environment which make them great assets to any team. Their service made them accustom to working to deadlines under high pressure and in intense conditions to achieve results. Veterans have been known to find a way to preserver in light of any challenges they may faces, making them not only hard workers but resilient assets.

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