Staffing Industry Insurance: Employee Profiling Games

Staffing Industry Insurance Employee Profiling Games

Staffing Industry Insurance: Employee Profiling Games 

The staffing industry is always looking towards the newest hiring trends to keep a competitive edge. One of the most interesting recent industry trends has been the adoption of new technologies into the hiring process. From social media platforms to sophisticated candidate assessment programs, technology has become one of the most valuable assets to the modern staffer.

The latest buzz in the staffing world is utilizing brain games to better assess the strengths and skills of a candidate. Utilizing neuroscreening technology, MIT based start-up Pymetrics has developed a series of games designed to help employers better understand the traits of their current employees and compare those statistics to potential job candidates to see if an applicant would be a good fit. Founded by neuroscience researchers, Pymetrics has been working to perfect their big data and game based career assessment products after realizing the need to modernize the traditional staffing process.

While not seeking to completely replace the traditional resume search models for hiring, the service asserts that their screening games can help “uncover [the candidates] social and cognitive profile” essentially providing targeted insight about many key personal and performance related characteristics. By simply monitoring the brain function of a candidate through these performance based activities, games, users can introspectively gain insight into the type of worker they are and what type of work environment will help them be most successful.

Representatives from the company claim that the games are not designed to inspire increased competition between candidates. Instead, they believe that because different jobs require different characteristics, here is often no “bad” candidate simply good fits and best fits for a particular role.

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