Talent Sourcing Strategies for 2022

Talent sourcing strategies for finding new candidates for your business are always changing as the workplace culture continues to evolve. Finding the best candidate for a position can be challenging no matter what the job market looks like. When you’re facing a nationwide talent shortage, though, it’s more challenging than ever. The need for new talent sourcing strategies is clear. However, it’s less clear exactly what those strategies should be. To attract new talent and fill vital roles, you should shift focus from your company and back to the candidate. Investing in prospective hires is the only way to differentiate your company from others. Then, you can demonstrate that you will foster professional growth.

Focus on Growth Needs

Focusing on growth needs is one of the best new strategies for talent sourcing. This approach involves recruiting based on a forecast of future needs. When you encounter a promising candidate — but you don’t currently have a position that fits their skills — that doesn’t mean you should move on and look elsewhere. On the contrary, you may find that they’re an excellent fit for a need that you anticipate in the next few months. If so, you should move forward based on the conditions that may accompany your company’s growth.

Profile Your Ideal Candidate

You must identify the key features that define your ideal candidate. Are you looking for fresh, malleable talent that’s right out of college? Or are your needs better filled by a candidate with a decade or more of experience? Create a profile that outlines the characteristics of your ideal candidate, but be careful not to specify any traits — such as age — that might be discriminatory. It could lead to a staffing liability insurance issue.

Look in the Right Places

Yet another critical strategy to adopt is a more specific focus on the sources you’d like to recruit from. Career fairs may lead to an influx of candidates, but are these candidates usually aligned with your recruiting goals? Rather than casting a wide net, you should approach recruiting as if you’re cherry-picking the best candidates from the best cherry farm in town. Look at online job boards and other sources that offer high-quality candidates to choose from.

Make Connections Personal

Too many companies find a promising candidate and initiate a conversation with a generic, formulaic email or message. It won’t make an impression — and if it does, it likely won’t be a good one. Thus, it’s important to put extra effort into your first impression and aim for a more personal connection. In addition to the positive impression this can make, it will set you apart from other recruiters who are likely pursuing a candidate, too. Acknowledging specific details about a candidate’s experience or education is an excellent way to start. 

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