Are Temporary Jobs Becoming a Bigger Trend for Employers in 2014?

Are Temporary Jobs Becoming a Bigger Trend for Employers in 2014

Are Temporary Jobs Becoming a Bigger Trend for Employers in 2014?

Companies today are under enormous pressure to do more, with fewer resources. In order to compete with the challenging economy, they need to perform faster, better, and more cost effectively. The greatest impact a corporation can make in achieving this is by making strategic hiring decisions. In many cases, this includes utilizing temporary labor. The advantages of temporary staffing for employers includes mitigating rising costs, reducing the risk of absenteeism and unskilled workers, saving time, and increasing flexibility.

For many industries, these advantages are far outweighing any apprehension they have about hiring temporary employees. In fact in the manufacturing industry, hiring temporary staff is becoming a business strategy. Temporary employees allow companies to better manage labor needs in an industry where supply and demand fluctuate as the economy recovers. While the jobs are not permanent for the staff, they do help those who otherwise might be unemployed.

As to why this trend in hiring temporary workers seems to be getting bigger, economists note that the nation seems to be recovering from the recession, however many companies are cautious and still reluctant to expand their permanent workforce. Companies are taking a conservative approach and using temporary staff is considered to be a good move to make while waiting to see if economic growth is going to be sustained.

Another reason temporary staffing may become a bigger trend in the coming year is do the Affordable Care Act provisions. These provisions will require companies with more than 50 full-time employees to provide health insurance to workers by 2015, and this has motivated companies to cut back on long-term hires, at least for now. Many business owners are even noting that there are so many more people looking for work than there used to be, that most people are willing to put up with a temporary job while waiting to find a full-time job.

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