Temporary Staffing Industry: Healthy Workforce Promotion

Temporary Staffing Industry: Healthy Workforce PromotionTemporary Staffing Industry Healthy Workforce Promotion

A recent study by NSF International indicated that one in four workers go to work ill, despite amassing research indicating that sick workers are almost always less productive. The spread of illness in the workplace is a major concern for staffers. A sick workforce can slow productivity and progress, especially for temporary staffing industry members.

The challenges most businesses face is in balancing a successful workplace wellness program while not losing employee efficiency. Many workers dread admitting illness for fear of repercussions. The three most common reasons for working in poor health are: fear of repercussions from an employer, loss of wages, and workload.

Many American believe that working sick will show dedication to your supervisors, while contrarily if they were to say home they would be seen unfavorably or not as committed. 25% of people polled in the NSF International survey claimed that their boss “expects them to come in no matter what.”

Although many employers offer paid sick leave, 40% of private sector workers don’t have such benefits thus taking a personal health day. Lost wages can be a major deterrent for working individuals, increasing the likelihood an individual will come in unless they are instructed to stay home by a medical professional.

Keeping up with a heavy workload also ranks high as a reason employees choose to continue to work through illness. By offering alternative work environments employees are able to manage their workload while not risking exposure of illness.

Staffing agencies need to be aware of the dangers of placing unhealthy workers into businesses. A healthy workforce is vital to both the success of the temporary staffing industry and their partner companies; thus sharing the responsibility of promoting healthy work cultures is essential. In extreme cases, temporary staffing agencies could even be held accountable in the event that an illness outbreak should occur as a result of a placed employee.

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