Screening Practices that Minimize Staffing Agency Liability

Screening Practices that Minimize Staffing Agency LiabilityScreening Practices that Minimize Staffing Agency Liability

According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), a job application can be critically important should legal disagreements between and employee and employer ever emerge. Lawyers agree that the job application itself can be as important as any legal document in providing examples of character or in discrediting a deceitful accuser. A well planned, carefully thought out application can protect not only host employers but staffing services as well.

At World Wide Specialty Programs, we strive to protect our staffing agency clients from risk and make sure they have the right coverage to protect them under any circumstances. We’ve compiled a list of helpful tips to minimize your clients’ exposure to liability.

Tips to strengthen your application and screening processes:

  • Customizing Applications: In lieu of having a standard application, tailoring one to suit the position and company can be more valuable. Asking for work and education histories in writing on a legal document helps to discourage misrepresentation.
  • Mind the Gaps: Inquiring about breaks in continuity of work history or blank elements on an application can help gain insight into the type of worker a prospect is. SHRM research suggests that resumes and CVs are helpful supplements to official applications, but should not be the sole qualifying documentation as they are often embellished and omissive of valuable information.
  • Check, Check, Check: Checking backgrounds, criminal histories and resume claims can help gain insight into whether or not a candidate is a good fit. Through these inquiries staffing reps can gain information that cannot be asked outright in an interview without risk of discrimination. Note that background information can only be used to disqualify a candidate based on content pertinent to the specific job applied for. For example, uncovering a history of reckless driving charges for a prospective limo driver would be justified reason to pass on their employment, while it may not be relevant for an accountant and thus cannot disqualify them.
  • Don’t Take Notes: Notes about the physical appearance, gender, attire, religious affiliation, etc., could increase a staffing agencies’ liability in the event of a discrimination or failure to hire lawsuit.

World Wide Specialty Programs strives to make sure your clients are covered. We offer exceptional coverage for the Staffing Industry. For more information about Staffing Agency Liability Insurance please contact your account manager at (877) 256-0468. We are an integral part of the staffing industry and know the industry better than any.