Top 5 Functions of a Staffing Agency

Hiring the right employees to contribute new ideas and excellent performance is a time-consuming process. Most employers simply don’t have the time to devote to selecting the most promising candidates. This is where a staffing agency comes in.

Agencies are under pressure to deliver the right person for the job, so they take their work seriously. They must have an active staffing business insurance policy as protection from liability and follow all laws and guidelines closely.

Understanding the Company’s Needs

So, what does a staffing agency do, exactly? Simply put, they handle the entire hiring process from start to finish. The first step is to plan out the right course of action.

To select the right candidate, the staffing agency needs to be familiar with the company that is hiring, and the roles they are looking to fill. They must be clear on the job descriptions and needed qualifications. Once the foundation is in place, it’s time to look for employees.

Recruitment of Candidates

Recruitment is the search for promising job candidates. A staffing agency has knowledge and access to many channels to post jobs and attract the best workers. They may post the job online and in industry-related forums, or even personally reach out to candidates through networking contacts and past interactions.

Conducting Interviews and the Vetting Process

Another of the staffing agency roles is to interview the candidates that made it in thus far in the selection process. Staff peruse resumes of the gathered pool of candidates to weed out those unsuited to the role.

The staffing agency contacts finalists to set up an interview and get more information and a feel for the candidate’s suitability. They discuss education and experience, as well as request examples of work or skills tests to prove their capability.

Orientation and Onboarding Activities

Once a candidate has been selected, he or she goes through the onboarding process. This is the time where he learns about the company’s policies and more details about the work requirements. Taking time for orientation is essential to prepare the employee so they enter the office with greater understanding and can integrate into the company culture.

Throughout the process, staffing business insurance helps to protect the interests of the staffing agency and minimize the risk to them.

Training for Success

Training is the final step in the hiring process. The selected candidate goes through any skill development training that is necessary to help them perform well on the job. The staffing agency later follows up to check on the employee’s performance, since they have an investment in the outcome.

Working with a professional staffing agency can alleviate a lot of stress over time constraints and recruitment resources. Employers benefit from taking advantage of the expertise of an agency trained to deliver results through qualified and motivated candidates.

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