Workers Comp Guidelines for Temporary Staffing

Workers Comp Guidelines for Temporary StaffingAs a staffing agency, you want  to be covered in all cases. The workers’ comp guidelines for temporary staffing agencies are similar to that of other permanent staffing agency, except in terms of paying insurance premiums. It’s imperative to make sure that each employee is covered with the right Workers’ Compensation policy.

According to an article in Chron, there are few Workers’ Compensation guidelines for temporary staffing to keep in mind.

  1. Job classification is important in understanding what kind of risks are associated with temporary employment. Office workers and warehouse workers need different policies because they face different risks. For the correct amount of insurance coverage, risk level must be assessed according to job classification.
  1. Keep accurate records of employee workplaces. Recordkeeping is important for setting premium rates. It’s vital to include the following in your records: employee’s name, Social Security information, job title, date hired, termination date, compensation type, payroll deductions, gross pay and job classification.
  1. Depending on the number of hours worked in a given period, workers’ comp premiums can change. A commissioned employee can have a different premium than a salary based employee.
  1. If you’re the type of staffing agency that uses a work order system to hire temporary employees then you know the importance of ensuring accurate workers’ comp coverage. A work order should include pay rate, job start date, job classification and the number of employees you’re providing as an agency.
  1. There are certain rules when hiring temporary workers. Typically, they require you to treat temp workers the same as permanent workers, expect in regards to providing benefits for full-time employment

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