Workplace Trend: Baby Boomers & Technology

Workplace Trend Baby Boomers & Technology

Workplace Trend: Baby Boomers & Technology

Baby boomers are a huge part workplace trend. In the work world, the characterization is synonymous with long hours, hard workers who are resistant to change, and not the most technologically savvy. Technology know-how is typically associated with millennial youngsters raised on iPods and smartphones. This post is provided by World Wide Staffing agency insurance programs.

Online education and technology courses are rolling out as baby boomers- who number approximately 76 million in the United States- are increasingly working past retirement age. Some need to replenish 401K plans devastated by the recession. Others are looking for a career change, or want a supplemental income. Whatever the reason, the baby boomer generation is staying active longer and repudiating the idea that techie devices are only for the grandkids.

According to the New York Times, over a third of Americans are over 50 years old. This group is expected to outspend younger adults on technology, and have the highest intent to purchase consumer electronics of any age group. Typically, technology adaptation falls off around age 60. Yet, according to AD Age Digital, baby boomers buy 40% of technology, despite representing only 25% of the population. In short, the technology gap could not be farther from the truth: Rob Sinclair, director of Accessibility at Microsoft, noted the shift.

“Baby boomers are savvy consumers who expect technology to be safe, easy to use and flexible enough to adapt to their individual needs, when new technology products enter the market — products that are well-designed and can help create the life baby boomers want — they are enthusiastic early adopters who help lead the way.”

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