2017 Hiring Trends

Fashion, home décor, diet, exercise, music — in all aspects of life, trends come and trends go. That’s true in the world of human resources, too. On the surface, hiring seems to be a straightforward topic. A job opportunity arises, hiring personnel solicit and interview qualified candidates, and then they offer the job to the best candidate. That’s only one side of the story, though!

Once a company offers a candidate a job, the candidate reviews and contemplates the offer, researches the employer, and decides if he wants to accept the job. If he does accept the job, he decides how long he’ll remain with the company. Competition for the best employees is fierce. That’s why hiring trends for 2017 focus on attracting and retaining top talent. Read on for 10 hiring trends for the New Year, according to an article in Forbes.

  1. Increasing Emphasis on Outstanding Candidate and Employee Experiences. The top trend for 2017 is, unquestionably, recruiters doing whatever it takes to convince candidates and employees that working for their companies will contribute to an outstanding quality of life.
  2. Embracing A Blended Workforce. This year, more workforces will comprise a mix of traditional in-office employees, and remote freelancers.
  3. Welcoming Gen Z into the Workforce. Last year marked Gen Z’s introduction to the workplace; this year will be their first full year in the workplace. Companies are adapting to woo these younger workers.
  4. Using Technologies like Virtual Reality to Modernize Recruiting. From providing virtual office tours to allow candidates don headsets to “experience” what a job will entail, recruiting is going futuristic.
  5. Enhancing Worker Experience to Retain Top Talent. Employees are notoriously fickle. This year, recruiters will focus on keeping employees so happy that they have no reason to leave.
  6. Restructuring Operations to Promote Team Building. Research shows that employees are happier when they feel they’re part of a solid team rather than working solo. Employers have taken notice!
  7. Investing in Workplace Wellness and Wellbeing Programs. Today’s employees value work-life balance. Employers are taking note by making it easier for employees to nurture their health and wellbeing on the job.
  8. Offering More Creative Employee Benefits and Perks. Besides healthcare and work flexibility, look for benefits including loan payoff assistance and onsite fitness classes.
  9. Relaxing the Dress Code and Embracing a More Casual Work Environment. In 2017, expect less “casual Friday” and more “casual workplace.”
  10. Shifting from Annual Reviews to Ongoing Performance Reviews. Instead of making employees wait a year for performance feedback, savvy employers are offering daily or weekly feedback to boost morale and head off problems.

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