3 Advantages of Hiring During The Holidays

Though the holidays may seem like the perfect time to relax, hiring is still in full swing. Experts have debunked the myth of the “hiring holiday freeze”; in fact, according to The Ladder, many recruiters and hiring managers have said that they often find themselves under increased pressure to fill open positions before the start of the new year. The holidays can be a hectic time, so it is important to make your direct hire process as smooth as possible with Direct Hire Professional Liability Insurance (E&O), as there are some unique benefits to hiring during the holiday season.

More Dedicated Candidates

Though the majority of companies maintain their hiring pace during the holidays, many job seekers do not feel the same way. According to Monster, the number of applicants drastically decreases in the weeks approaching Christmas and the New Year, though many companies are still trying to fill the remaining openings. While this may not seem like an advantage (fewer applicants does give you less of a selection), you will find that the candidates applying during the holidays tend to be more dedicated and hard-working. Though you may see fewer applications, the ones that do come in are likely to be the cream of the crop, so to speak.

Assimilation Time

Though the holidays can be busy, they can also be an ideal time to ease new hires in without overwhelming them. In a piece for Forbes, Powerhouse Talent’s Chief Talent Strategist, Alyssa Krane, stated, “[The holidays] can be an ideal time of year for new hires to acclimate quickly and build relationships […] parties, more social opportunities and an inbox that is not overflowing provide a great environment for a new hire to settle in and assimilate.” The social opportunities will allow you to get to know your new hires in a less intimidating setting, and the slightly diminished workload will help them to feel more confident with the demands of their position.

Financial Benefits

If your company’s annual recruitment budget runs according to the calendar year, it would be prudent to continue hiring throughout the holiday season. As HCareers states, it is wise to hire during the holidays in this case because it allows you to use your budget and resources to your best advantage, and it will deter you from being tempted to start using the upcoming year’s budget.


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