5 Strategies To Consider When Looking For An Executive Level Position

Regardless of how long you’ve been in the workforce, there’s always a chance that you’ll need to look for a new job. Many prospective hires today like to search for jobs online, but according to Career Directors these online searches carry about a 15-20% success rate, with only 15% of their job pool being executive, C-level positions. These higher-level positions have their own unique job searching strategies and hiring requirements, and Executive Search & Recruitment Professional Liability Insurance (E&O) will ensure that the hiring process at any level is as smooth as possible and will end in success for the company and its prospective hires.


Networking is perhaps the most important method of job seeking, as it allows you to find jobs that are likely not advertised to the general public. In contrast to online job searches, networking is cited to have at least an 80% success rate by Career Directors, and can be done both in person and through LinkedIn. It is important to be proactive when networking; BlueSteps advises against using the phrase “if you hear of anything then let me know”, as it leaves the connection too open-ended and often does not lead to a follow-up. Instead, it is best to obtain contact information that you yourself can follow up with.

Working with Recruiters

Many recommend recruiters as a means of finding the right job; Career Directors cites a 20-25% success rate with recruiters. In addition, working with recruiters can also be a networking opportunity. Forbes strongly encourages maintaining relationships with recruiters over a long-term timeframe, as they can be a wonderful source of job openings not available to the general public.

Direct Mail

As an alternative to online applications, one can reach out directly to companies on paper. According to LinkedIn, this method is another one that targets the hidden job market (which they cite as over 90% of jobs) and prevents competition from other executive job seekers. However, this strategy’s success rate can be somewhat unpredictable, with an average 2-5% success rate. Resume distribution services will also mail your resume out, but My Perfect Resume cautions that not all resume mailing services take the time to target specific companies and will instead send it to as many as possible. If you opt for a resume mailing service, it is best to research them thoroughly beforehand.

Personal Branding

While it may not be as direct a method of job searching as the others, it is crucial to maintain an active, professional, and regularly-updated presence online, especially on LinkedIn. According to Executive Resume Branding, the majority of hirers look at your online presence before making a decision, and LinkedIn’s connections allow you to network and gain more access to the hidden job market.


LinkedIn suggests consulting as a less rigid alternative to a C-level job; management consulting has grown 44% in the past ten years (four times as much as regular workplace growth) and can work very well as a transition job between executive positions. It offers more flexibility than a standard job and is a great move for people with entrepreneurial mindsets.

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