How The Temp Economy Has Affected The Hiring Process

Many today refer to today’s economic and hiring climate as the “temp economy”, and claim we are approaching a “permanent temp economy.” The permanent temp economy, dubbed the “permatemp” economy by NPR, has seen a vast increase in temp jobs in spite of the high unemployment rates, with nearly 13 million people entering temporary or contract positions each year. The hiring process has changed as a result of these changes in available positions, and it has become more important than ever to have a reliable Direct Hire/Personnel Consultants Professional Liability (E&O) policy in place in order to ensure that the hiring process will still run smoothly in spite of the changes it has undergone.

The Rise of the Temp Economy

USA Today attributes the increasing number of temp jobs to a reluctance to expand the permanent workforce, particularly as the nation attempts to exit from a recession. According to Forbes, a recent study showed that 42% of employers aimed to hire temporary workers, with slightly under half of those employers planning to eventually offer employment to certain temporary employees. So what does the increasing number of temporary workers mean for the hiring process?

The Temp Economy and the Hiring Process

Due to the vast differences between temporary positions and permanent hires, it is only natural that there would be differences in the hiring processes of the two types of positions. The main distinction that the temp economy brings to the hiring process is the decreased use of staffing agencies within the hiring process. In a piece for SkilledUp, Ryan Hulland, Vice President of MonMan, stated that his company was not inclined to use a staffing agency for temporary hires, as they felt that the cost of an agency would be too expensive for a temporary worker. On the contrary, a direct hire – as defined by Emerson Group – is found through the staffing agency, but hired by the company and placed on the company’s payroll rather than the agency’s.  While some companies shy away from staffing agencies in this temp economy, agencies are able to handle more unpleasant aspects of the temp economy such as terminating the employment of temp hires.

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