4 Important Lessons to Learn from Bad Hires

A bad hire doesn’t have to be a disaster. It can be an opportunity to grow. If you’re experiencing bad hires at your company, it may be time to reflect on what you can learn from them. While every company does experience a bad hire from time to time, a wealth of bad hires could mean that something has to be changed about your employment process.

1. Your Job Description Might Not Be As Accurate As You Think

If you hired someone who met the job description perfectly, but they still weren’t well-suited to the job, you might need to rethink your strategies. This often occurs with technical positions: it’s easy to assume that a candidate needs to be highly technical, but this ignores the soft, social skills that they might need when dealing with other team members or clients.

2. You Could Do with a Little More Culture

Company culture, that is. If your company culture isn’t strong, then your candidates won’t know what to expect. Company culture is what encourages teams to work together: it ensures that teams are comprised of individuals who have the same mission and values. A strong company culture is going to attract team members who are likely to work well together, while a weak company culture may attract disparate personality types. Strengthen your company culture and make it a focal point when you’re doing your interviewing.

3. You May Not Be Offering the Right Benefits

If you’re repeatedly getting subpar candidates, it could be that your benefits and salary are below market rate. The best talent isn’t going to be interviewing for (or accepting) your position, so you’re going to be left with candidates who may have some issues, such as a lack of trainability. Check out the competition to make sure that you’re offering benefits and salary that are commensurate with the skills, experience, and education that you’re asking for.

4. You May Need to Evaluate Your Interview Process

Are the people doing the interviewing familiar with the position? Are key team members involved in the evaluation process? When only Human Resources is involved, it’s easy for mistakes to be made: a candidate that looks excellent to HR may not blend well with a highly specific, skilled, and experienced team. Consider whether your interview process is really designed around finding the best “fit,” or whether it currently revolves around finding any qualified candidate.

Bad hires aren’t the end of the world. But they can make staffing a little more difficult. If your company manages a large staff, staffing insurance can help. Contact World Wide Specialty Programs to find out more about the benefits.

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