5 Methods for Staffing Firms to Protect Against Auto Accidents

Staffing firms often deploy vehicles for employees to drive and must implement vehicle safety measures to prevent incidents. According to statistics, there are more than 35,000 fatal car accidents in a single year in the U.S. This number illustrates just how important it is to prioritize safety — especially for staffing agencies responsible for staffing hired & non-owned auto liability. If this describes your clients’ company, you need to find a way to ensure their staff drives safely.

What Staffing Firms Need to Know About Protecting From Auto Accidents

Consider the following five tips for how staffing firms can assist in auto accident prevention.

Learn More About Staffing Hired & Non-Owned Auto Liability

Before staffing agencies allow employees to get behind the wheel, they must understand the responsibilities of staffing hired & non-owned auto liability. In most cases, this arrangement entails placing an employee of the staffing agency in a position at another company. It means that the staffing agency, rather than the client, is typically responsible for the risk. Staffing firm insurance can help mitigate this risk and offset the potential cost of an auto accident.

Review Contracts To Assess Liability

Although staffing agencies typically bear the burden of responsibility when driving liability, your clients should review their contracts carefully to confirm this. In some circumstances, the employee may be solely responsible for automotive liabilities. In other cases, the employer of record may accept the liability. No matter what contract terms dictate, a staffing company needs to minimize its liability by investing in an adequate insurance policy.

Staffing Firms Should Obtain a Driving Report for Drivers

Entrusting an employee to drive on behalf of a company — or a client’s company — is a significant decision. It’s essential to award this privilege only to employees who have demonstrated an outstanding awareness of safety. Furthermore, your clients can verify whether an employee has a safe driving record by ordering a report from the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles. To do so, your client must complete a release form, obtain the employee’s consent and signature, and submit the request.

Confirm That Drivers Have Auto Insurance

It’s also essential to confirm that an employee who will be driving for a company has their own auto insurance. It will account for the liability that they face, and it will also fortify your clients’ defense against potential liabilities. Staffing agencies should confirm that their employees possess coverage for at-fault accidents and keep a copy of their proof of insurance on file.

Cover the Liabilities of Staffing Hired & Non-Owned Auto Liability

Covering the many liabilities of staffing hired & non-owned auto liability can be difficult. As an insurer, you are in a position to equip your clients with the protection they need to minimize costs and operate safely. This coverage is essential for staffing agencies and other companies that act on another company’s behalf. With these five tips, you can empower your clients to protect themselves from the risk of accidents and connect with the right insurance policy to minimize their liabilities further.

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