A Closer Look at Inclusion Within Staffing

Are your clients doing what they can to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion within staffing? These efforts should be pursued regularly. It is smart for them to look at where the industry is and how they can influence where it goes. There is an underrepresentation of certain professionals in the staffing workforce as when as in the leadership opportunities in the staffing industry, with low percentages of women and Black individuals. There is a long way to go, to say the least.

Finding and Placing Diverse Candidates

Determining if there are sufficient qualified diverse candidates in the talent pool will depend on who is doing the recruiting. There are more qualified candidates out there than recruitment professionals claim that there are. What has been a challenge in the recruiting world is identifying qualified candidates and eliminating prejudice in the recruiting process. A more diverse workforce within staffing firms themselves is a vital part in reaching this goal. First and foremost, businesses of all kinds must realize the value of encouraging diversity, equity, and inclusion practices. Staffing firm clients do request diverse candidates, and there is an increase in cultural conversations regarding inclusions in the workplace. However, the number of clients requesting diverse shortlists is not improving.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiatives

A large portion of staffing agencies do encourage and implement diversity, equity, and inclusion methods with internal initiatives established for their clients and candidates. Roughly half of employers seek out diverse shortlists of candidates, but they are not all equipped and properly prepared with systems in place to facilitate this process. This can be considered both a gap and an opportunity, but without fail can lead to liability claims. Be sure to explain the benefits of securing staffing liability insurance to your clients. The talent acquisition team is the main component in facilitating these efforts. They have a lot of power to build and present diverse candidate slates to employers. In hopes of seeing significant improvement, everyone must be willing to do their part. To attract and retain underrepresented talent, it is critical for staffing firms to encourage and promote a space that equips these candidates to be successful. Staffing firms will likely find it valuable in evaluating their vision and incorporating more inclusive efforts and methods in their business strategy. The goal should be that everyone has a fair shot on the path to success.

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