What to Do Before and After a Cyber Attack

What to Before and After a Cyber AttackUnfortunately, as a staffing firm, it’s inevitable that you will have to deal with a cyber attack. However, there are ways to handle it. As we discuss how to minimize the risk of a cyber attack, it’s important to stay protected with a Cyber Liability insurance policy.

According to an article in Radware, evaluating and selecting the best cyber-attack mitigation solution and vendor for your needs is a great place to start. Organizations that participate in cyber-attack response plans are far more likely to prevent any potential damage and act effectively.

Here are a few considerations to keep in mind before you’re hit with a cyber attack.

  1. Keep in mind that no organization is safe.
  2. Make sure detection tools are optimally located.
  3. Make sure your security plan has policies and procedures and your staff prepared with clearly defined roles and responsibilities.

Here are a few things to consider after you are attacked.

  1. Perform a damage control analysis. Review reports to learn from mistakes and prepare yourself for future attacks. Investigate!
  2. Optimize your security architecture. Evaluate policies and solution strategies to help fight future threats.
  3. Keep reports and forensic information handy in case law enforcement needs it for investigation.

At World Wide Speciality Programs, we understand the kind of exposure your staffing firm can have to data breaches, identity fraud, and all types of threats to corporate security. We provide coverage from corruption as virus, extortion threats and unauthorized access, firewall and network security attacks through our Cyber Liability coverage plan. For more information, call us today at 877.256.0468.