Beyond the Resume

Beyond the ResumeAlthough a resume maps out the significant accomplishments of a person’s career, there are other ways of gathering information on a potential hire. It’s important that as a Staffing Agency you look beyond a resume by using the following strategies.


According to an article in Realstreet Staffing, here are a few tips to ensure a top-notch hire.

  1.  Consider incorporating behavioral questions into the interview. Questions that result in just a yes or no answer only scratch the surface. To reveal more about the person’s character, ask questions that require a more detailed answered. Ask them how they manage numerous priorities in a certain situation rather than just in general.
  1. Using a candidate’s references as more than just employment verification can be beneficial. Ask about a candidate’s character, habits, and work ethic. These former employers have a deeper understanding of the candidates that can not be read on a resume.
  1. Check out a candidate’s social media accounts. Most people have a public social media presence. It won’t hurt to perform a quick search of their name to see what kind of content they post. This will allow you to determine if they are the right fit for the job and company.

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