Improving Communication with a Potential Hire

Improving Communication with a Potential HireAs a staffing agency, it is important that potential hires have a quality experience during the interview process.  In addition to improving the quality of your onboarding process, ensure your staffing agency is secured with a iron-clad General Liability Insurance policy.

According to an article on LinkedIn, there’s a certain formula to acquiring quality candidates.

  1. Go the extra mile. The best way to earn the trust of a potential hire is by getting to know the corporate culture they desire. Assess the best fit for your client and ensure that you provide them with thorough information on what their role could be like in a particular company.
  2. Make sure to dig deep when interviewing candidates. You want to know all their interests and background in order to fill them in positions you wouldn’t consider beforehand. 
  3. Send companies a wide range of candidates when trying to fill positions. Every company wants employees with different skill levels and salary ranges. It’s easier to find successful candidates when there’s a good range to compare.
  4. Keep your candidates aware of it all. As a recruiter, be honest about whether or not the company is the right fit for the candidate. Building the right kind of trust starts with transparency.

At World Wide Speciality Programs, we make sure to be the leader in protecting your business. Our General Liability Insurance Policy claims are designed to protect your staffing firm from an applicant or employee claims. Not only do we provide coverage to in-house employees, but we also provide coverage for contract employees as well. Our coverage policies include, but are not limited to, coverage for workplace torts, individual policies, and duty to defend.