Continued Training Initiatives Could Help Employees Stay at Companies

Investing in training initiatives to help personnel enhance core competencies and advanced skills can strengthen companies’ ability to retain their most valuable team members. Improving retention is an essential priority for employers across all industries. It is vital for staffing agencies because it allows them to maximize the value of their workforce, meet business expectations, and stand toe-to-toe with competitors.

The Benefits of Training Initiatives

Here are some critical reasons why ongoing training is integral to retention and operational efficiency. 

Training Initiatives Can Foster Employee Engagement and May Reduce Staffing Employment Practices Liability

Human resources management is fundamental to agencies’ primary activities in the staffing industry. The complexity of recruiting, maintaining, and managing personnel is a big part of why companies choose to get assistance with staffing from professional placement agencies. When an agency’s policies fall short of applicable standards or a single instance of noncompliance results in a staffing employment practices liability claim, the repercussions for an agency can be costly. 

Training for a staffing agency’s human resources and management team members helps ensure they handle relationships with personnel in a manner consistent with federal and state employment law. This area of the law is continually growing, so ongoing training gives staffing agencies’ full-time employees the knowledge and resources they need to exercise continuous compliance. Training also enables managers to forge and sustain better engagement with workers to help them cultivate better communication, leadership, and supervisory skills. 

Workers Who Have Access to Training Have Greater Job Satisfaction

Giving workers practical skills and knowledge that empowers people to perform better at work can make their employment more gratifying. Applying training concepts on the job equips and motivates personnel to excel in their roles.

By investing in employees, agencies effectively express how valuable they find them. Furthermore, a staffing agency that emphasizes training provides workers with the qualifications they need to take on increasingly challenging placements in the future. 

Training That Improves Relationships Between Staffing Agencies and Personnel Can Mitigate Staffing Employment Practices Liability Risks

When businesses consider how continued training could help retain employees, they should also examine how training could impact staffing employment practices’ liability. In staffing employment models, employees’ dealings with an agency and the company they are working for on an agency’s behalf could give rise to a claim against one or both. 

In the latter scenario in which a company where an agency has placed its personnel mistreats them, they may opt to sever ties with the employer rather than the agency that coordinated the placement. 

Employment practices claimants may want to pursue recourse against the company that was directly culpable rather than a staffing firm that it sees as an advocate. Ultimately, training personnel and professional development reinforce the advocacy and agency that firms work hard to establish with their personnel. 

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