Cyber-Breach Prevention: Securing the Network

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This month’s posts have focused on how to protect your staffing agency from falling victim to a cyber-attack. Not only are these breaches expensive, they have the potential to devastate a business and cause severe public relations nightmares. In addition to understanding your agency’s risks and calculating the real costs of an attack, it’s wise for business owners and operators to learn how to secure their networks. Read on to learn how to achieve network security and most importantly, equip your firm with a Staffing Agency Cyber Liability Insurance  program.

Don’t take the bait.

Phishing is one of the biggest culprits for exposing a network to a cyber-breach. The best way to deter your network from being affected is to be mindful of the links you are clicking on. Safe web browsing should be standard protocol in the workplace, but take the time to train employees on what to look for in terms of red flags and suspicious links.

Use two-step authentication.

In addition to creating strong passwords and securing all of your devices, a two-step authentication process can deter any would-be hackers from accessing your confidential information. Next, ensure that one password is not used for every device or site. If so, a decoded password will give hackers immediate access to all of your private accounts and data.

Keep it updated.

Updating your operating system and applications is vital. Think of it as a spring cleaning, but do it more regularly than that. Check that frequently used applications, especially security products, are automatically updating. Meanwhile, you should uninstall old programs that you don’t use anymore. Also update the firmware for your router – if you can’t and it’s old, buy a new one, says Forbes.

Lock your phone.

The odds of you or your staff members- who likely keep client information on their devices- losing a phone in the near future is high. Set a unique password to lock phones, tablets, laptops and any other devices that might store sensitive information.

Create a separate email.

In the event your email is stolen and sold by a hacker, personal and commercial data won’t be stolen if it’s from an account you use for newsletters, basic registrations and more.

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