Employment Practices Liability: Retaining Temporary Employees

Employment Practices Liability Retaining Staffing Agency EmployeesEmployment Practices Liability: Retaining Temporary Employees

Employment practices liability is a hot topic amongst the business community. This includes your staffing agency clients. Staffing agencies are just as prone to certain employment practice lawsuits as other businesses. Some claims that they may face include; wrongful failure to employ or promote, wrongful deprivation of a career opportunity, and wrongful discipline, just to name a few. Aside from wanting to avoid these claims, your staffing agency clients should look at how they can best retain their temporary employees. Here are 3 ways that your client can help nurture employee loyalty.

1.       Communication

Just as an employee desires regular feedback and acknowledgment from their direct supervisor, it’s important to maintain regular communication with the staffing agency they are employed with as well. Your client could schedule reminders in their calendar to call employees on a consistent basis. If they are visiting one of their clients, they should make it a point to greet the employees that are there.

2.       Advancement

It’s easy for your staffing agency clients to simply renew contracts or keep placing good employees in the same position over and over. However, doing this for too long can result in their employees looking for better work with a different staffing agency. Staffing agencies should be sure to discuss career goals with each of their employees, record their goals, and discuss training methods to get the employee to their next step.

3.       Salary/ Perks

Most employees expect to earn more money the longer they have been with a company. This does not exclude staffing agencies. Staffing agencies should start off by offering a lower pay rate with an option to negotiate wage increases before their employees’ contract is due for renewal. This is an excellent incentive for temporary employees to stay with the agency they’re at. In addition to salary, your staffing agency client could offer valuable perks to your employees; perhaps by offering group discounts through partnership programs.

Temporary employees are in a unique position compared to the clients they work with. Even if your clients’ employees love their jobs and are thrilled with the people they see every day, they can easily forget that the staffing agency is still part of their professional lives.

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