What the Staffing Industry Should Know About Glassdoor Company Reviews

What the Staffing Industry Should Know About Glassdoor Company Reviews

What the Staffing Industry Should Know About Glassdoor Company Reviews

Glassdoor has helped thousands of job seekers find the right company to work for. The website features reviews and commentary from both current and former employees. This service is said to have revolutionized the job hunt- creating more transparency in the workplace, both in the US and abroad. But how does this all affect your staffing industry clients?

Software Advice conducted an interesting survey recently, in which they set out to determine what impact Glassdoor reviews have on job seekers’ decision to apply for, and accept, jobs. Here are some key findings among the 4,633 US respondents.

  • Almost 50% use Glassdoor at some point in their job search.
  • Good ratings of a company’s compensation and benefits are most important to job seekers.
  • Fresh reviews (less than 6 months) have the greatest impact on perceptions of the company in question.

How can this information help the staffing industry? Glassdoor serves as a way to narrow down the options and create a select group of companies that job seekers will consider as potential employers. However, if that job seeker is going through an employment agency, this is not an option for them. This is where it becomes important for your staffing agency client to know what is being said on the Glassdoor reviews. As important as client retention is, candidate retention is also vital. Would a recruiter really want to send a candidate to a company that consistently has poor reviews?

Your staffing agency clients should know what factors help a candidate decide whether or not they want to pursue a particular company for employment. In the Software Advice review, one of the questios asked was, “When checking a company’s Glassdoor ratings, what would most impact your decision NOT to apply to a company?” A quarter of the respondents said that poor ratings in the compensation and benefits category would deter them from applying.

One final factor that the staffing industry should keep in mind is that Glassdoor is also frequently used by employees and candidates of staffing agencies to rate their experiences there as well. Having a strong- and positive- presence on Glassdoor can improve your client’s brand and help pique applicants’ interest in your company. By simply having a profile on Glassdoor, your staffing industry client increases their company’s visibility to potential candidates.

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